I have a passion for decorating, shopping flea markets, garage sales, and crafting. I have browsed and "creeped" many blogs and discover that I have something to share. So after weeks of trying to decide how to get a blog started I am finally here. I'm still learning about the technololgy part (not my strong suit)but I hope to post many pictures of my house before and after, my antique booth, and my ideas on decorating and crafting. I believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space and not break the budget to get it!! Looking forward to your feedback, talk to you soon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Well hey there folks.  Sorry it's been way too long.  Other things always seem to take precedence over my blog.  It also isn't helping that my computer or/and this program is always so difficult.  Sometimes the pictures don't upload or the whole blog just disappears??  I'm sure it is user error but anyways..It makes me not want to sit down and blog.  But today I'm having good luck shsssssh.  My computer might realize what I'm up to.   Here are some things I have been working on:

Antique Buffet.  Perfect for extra storage in any room or would be great as a TV console with plenty of storage for DVD's, components etc.  Gorgeous even by the pool but I would use it inside the house.

This beauty is so special.  Not many of these babies around, and a turquoise one....I say it's a one of a kind. I found this in Fort Worth near TCU from my friend Junker Val her store is awesome, if you go tell her I said Howdy.

I am in love with these old radio cabinets.  I got this one in Canton for $10 !!!! I went and made it so beautiful that I have decided to keep it.  YAY!!  Now it's priceless.

This is my old friend.  I have had this antique chest of drawers in my booth for months.  I have it priced reasonably and it's in perfect condition,( you know the drawers slide right) please someone buy it and give it a good home. I can't keep everything!!!

Another old barn wood piece, custom made by Joe.  For sale in my booth.  This would be perfect for you because everyone needs a country-kitchen-chic china hutch

French Provencial dresser all redone!!  This chest was huge and in perfect condition, sorry it sold quickly.  I will buy old furniture so think of me when you need to get rid of your old junk (treasures)

I bought this buffet from a guy in Canton who I didn't like at all.  He was like a slick used car salesman.   Not the nice junker people that I usually meet.  I think he might have stolen his stuff from old ladies in his small La. town.  Yes that's right he said he was from La. must be north La. OOPS  Not because he was slimey but because he wasn't cajun!!  Anywho,  the finish was beat up and ugly but he wouldn't deal with me.  I really liked the piece but I walked away.  When I came back by a few hours later he decided that out of the goodness of his heart he could meet my price.  Ha Ha I figured that he didn't want to take that thing back to La.  I didn't cheat him, we both made out good!!  Oh BTW, I'm keeping it, it's in my living room.  ugh I know I need help. But I have a rule, when something comes in something goes out.  remember that Black Beauty at the top of this blog.... Tee hee

Spring break with my little girls. (I know it's blurry) Evidently I have problems with cameras too.

Awe love them.  I think they are starting to look alike.

I hope to be back before summer, but you never know.  Mysterious right.    

PS Visit my booth and all the other 200+ dealers at Mid Cities Antique Mall in Hurst.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Time

It's Christmas time in Texas, that's right temps in the 70's.  Not putting me in the mood for sure.  They say it will get REALLY cold tonight and maybe snow on Monday.  I'm skeptical.  Whatever the weather, I always enjoy decorating for Christmas.  Here are a few pictures. 


Here is the top of my big tree.  I have seen this around and found an old ruler for $1 and decided to make it my STAR this year.  It goes well with the pattern paper flowers.

A full view of my tree.  I have so many ornaments and I can't throw any away but I did manage to only use about half of them this year.  I got tired!!

This cutie snow angel is a new favorite

I have the series of 3 of these "Cajun" plaques.  This one is a Cajun Prayer.  I also have Cajun Toast and What is a Cajun.  I know you cant read this but the gist is:

So Lord, what more can a Cajun ask
Than what I have today?
Bon sante, bons amis et ma famille
And le bon Dieu, who hears me pray?

You can take the girl out of cajun country but you can't take the cajun out of the girl!!

I have some new ornanaments!!

And of course the one's the kids made, most treasured.

Here is our collection of Nutcrackers!!  Lindsey gets one every year.  Sometimes I get one too. We have 27 now.

These twins were a craft project that Lindsey and I did.  We painted our own.  Can you tell which one is mine.  Lindsey was about 10 years old so not bad.

This big guy is from Holland and very old.  My sister Sandra gave it to Lindsey.  She used to live in England and got it on one of her trips through Europe. She passed away a couple of years ago and I treasure it.

My nativity.  I love the vintage pieces.  It reminds me of my grandmothers nativity scene, she didn't put up a Christmas tree but always had her nativity out for Christmas.

I always have a craft project going! This one is just cut squares of old yellowed sheet music.  Put a dowel in a clay pot and stack the squares.  So simple!!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This and That

I love the fall!  Crisp weather and falling leaves is my favorite time of year.  Take a look at some of the fun.

Chillin scarecrow.  Got a stash of pumpkins in my wagon!!

Look at that big one!! Scarecrow in timeout on the rocker.  He wouldn't keep his stick up his @&$

My favorite fall wreath.  Just alot of left over florals in fall colors throw in a few gords and pumpkins and dried leaves and wa la, fall wreath.

Peyton in the pumpkins!! We had a fun time at the pumpkin patch.

oh no, she always says she knows how to drive.

Celebrating birthday with Lindsey! I wish for bubblegum!!

Birthday girl eating a little birthday cake! Yummy

I think somebody missed somebody!

Texas State Girls!! Good Times!!

Completed a couple of projects too!! This beauty can be yours, go see it at Mid Cities Antique Mall.

New fun color for a retro end table!

Till next time, better be on the lookout for this wild 4 year old driver! I'm scared!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

hello strangers!

It's been awhile!!  Besides the fact that things have been hectic around here, I hate the new blog format!!! I know it's probably me not "it" but I got along better with what used to be.  Anywho, Sept. has come and gone in a whirlwind.  We were in San Marcos for Bobcat football and more importantly Strutter halftime show 3 out of 4 weekends in Sept.  Whew, that's alot of stress up and down I 35 with Joe behind the wheel!

Here is Lindsey in her new apartment!!  Here is where hours and hours will be spent ...Studying??

Here is the odd little niche in the corner that we decided to push the bed into.  Seemed like a good idea.  I think she likes it, like a coocoon.  Here we put up a wall (or a niche) of different frames.  Can you tell we love Pinterest!  

There is some of that 100 year old barnwood again!! Knobs are not 100 years old! :)

High tech lighting in the kitchen. :)  Adds a nice glow over the cabinets.

Pretty Strutters at the River for picture day!!  I would post an 8 X 10 glossy individual of Lindsey but she didn't wait around to take any!!  So..... this is what I got. 

Product Recommendation!!  Busy schedules, little sleep, stressful road trips and Allergies, and more Allergies, I swear by this cream.  This is sold at CVS and I had a coupon so I bought it.  It is amazing.  Just a little roller on your under eye puffiness (well that's where I put it) and in minutes you can see a drastic difference.  It's not very expensive (don't remember how much) because I don't spend alot on stuff like this.  Go get you some, you will thank me!!

Well I hope to post soon, before another month passes anyway.  I have a new space in Grapevine that opened in Sept.  Pictures coming. 

                                  Till next time YOLO!!! 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Before and Afters- Part Deux

Here is another posting of Before and Afters.  It's my favorite thing to read from others so I think some of you might like it too. 

I love finding old desks at estate sales.  They usually just need a good cleaning and paint. 

Here is the "after".  I sell these desks as quickly as I put them in my booth.  Every kid needs a desk of his own and these are so sturdy and well made, I love that they will go on to live another life as a useful, unique piece. This one has been distressed in two tones with blue undercoat and distressed glazing on top. 

Here is another mid century piece that is in such great shape.  

Just a new coat of white paint, distressed and glazed makes this piece beautiful

I found this antique in a hoarder house!! No joke.  I wouldn't joke about that! It was in bad shape. The veneer is damaged on the doors and there was no mirror.  And the smell....whew!!

Here is the same little girl vanity all cleaned up and painted white.  You can still see the damage on the doors but it's what makes it "shabby chic" I also was lucky enough to find this mirror at GW and after painting it looks perfect.

Remember the Barn!!

After: Four weekends of hard work to demo that bad boy! I love my husband! 

After the After:  This is one of Joe's custom tables made from that barn wood.  Did I mention that I love my husband?

This is a "nursing"chair that I bought at auction!   I don't know why I raised my paddle, nobody even bid against me??  Good thing it was cheap. Well I haven't done anything with it and I hate (don't know how) to upholster. so it's been sitting in my storage for months. 

I found this at Jo Anns.  Fabric spray paint!!! I bought it, but was skeptical because painting fabric always makes it hard, right???  

Here is the after.  Not bad right.  I would do this again on a small chair.  The paint went fast!!  It took 2 cans to do this little chair.  I like the coverage, and it is NOT hard!!  Fabric is as soft as before.  Surprised me.

Another little vanity.  Can you guess that I love these. This one was in good condition just needed an update.  

I used my favorite taupe-ish color and distressed slightly. I love that original hardware and the wheels on the legs were all there and working.  This is rare to find.

Fun afternoon at the park feeding the ducks!!

After: all dressed up. She borrowed her Aunt Lindsey's dance recital costume from 1996. We even have the up-do going on. So PRETTY!!

Moving my little girl to college this week. Happy and sad. I thought it would be easier the second year of college, not really! 
I am coping because I am so proud of her and know she is in the right place accomplishing all she needs to fulfill her dreams.

Stay tuned for moving pictures!! Should be drama free!! :)