I have a passion for decorating, shopping flea markets, garage sales, and crafting. I have browsed and "creeped" many blogs and discover that I have something to share. So after weeks of trying to decide how to get a blog started I am finally here. I'm still learning about the technololgy part (not my strong suit)but I hope to post many pictures of my house before and after, my antique booth, and my ideas on decorating and crafting. I believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space and not break the budget to get it!! Looking forward to your feedback, talk to you soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My House

Busy Busy Busy!!!  Everyone is, I know, but I just can't seem to sit down to blog more often.  I think after school starts it will get quieter around here.  I KNOW it will get quieter! I thought it would be nice to show you around my house.  This will give you an idea of my style and my stuff.  (Yes I'm selling alot of similar things in my booth at the Mid Cities Antique Mall )

Here is my living room. It's a big room so
when we decided to buy a new leather sectional I thought BIG.  Well it's really big but we love it, so comfy.

This is the dining room. Not so big! But we are very informal and so it works. I love that nothing matches. The table was purchased in Forney about 15 years ago from the place that has since burned down.  The wood chairs have had about 4 colors of paint now, I've had them for 20 years.  Yikes I'm too young to have funiture 20 years old! 

I love decorating with plates and mirrors. I bought the light fixtures circa 1920's from Old Home Supply in Ft. Worth.  Awesome place.

This is the nook in the living room near the front door in the bay window.  It's one of those places that you think "what goes here?"  I have had many things there over the years but it's best at Christmas because the tree fits perfectly there and you can see it from outside!

This is Sophie, my little 10 year old Papillion.  This is her place in the house.  I made the throw from vintage fabric that I found a long time ago.  It was a remnant only 2 yards, I just sewed the hems and added fringe.  It looks so vintage and is very soft.  Sophie loves it!!!

Here are only a couple of rooms, more to come, stay tuned if you want. :)  Hopefully I'll post again before next month.

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  1. Hi Gwen! Just stopping by to check out your blog, love your rooms and I saw pictures of your mid cities booth below! You have some neat things! Talk to you soon!
    Sherry (ShantyGirl) Pickers Point