I have a passion for decorating, shopping flea markets, garage sales, and crafting. I have browsed and "creeped" many blogs and discover that I have something to share. So after weeks of trying to decide how to get a blog started I am finally here. I'm still learning about the technololgy part (not my strong suit)but I hope to post many pictures of my house before and after, my antique booth, and my ideas on decorating and crafting. I believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space and not break the budget to get it!! Looking forward to your feedback, talk to you soon.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Before and Afters

About time for a post don't you think!!!  It's been a very busy fall for me.  Who knew scouring flea markets, estate and garage sales would be so time consuming. Not to mention the repainting, refurbishing, and repurposing of all the wonderful things I have found.  I am loving every minute of it.  I am now at Golightly's in NRH, such a pretty pretty antique boutique.  Here are some of my finds

I got this awesome bedroom set, the chest, dresser with mirror (not pictured) the headboard and footboard for a song!!  FA LA LA  The other stuff is smaller but still good, like 5 chairs (now I need to find a table) the large buffet behind the chest, the metal kitchen shelving (rusted just right)  I haven't redone the bedroom set yet.  I'll post pics when I do.

I bought this chair at a thrift store, cheap cheap.  $7  It is very sturdy, solid wood and perfect for painting and recovering.

I bought this little table at a garage sale for $1.  It was very pitiful with broken drawers and all.  It had great bones and was heavy as heck, solid wood.  I knew I could make it pretty again!

I painted the chair black and distressed it a little and recovered the seat with real coffee sack burlap

My husband added the shelves and after a new coat of paint this little side table is so pretty!!

I don't know what happened to my before picture but you all have seen this ugly scratched brown end table that were around in the 60's and 70's.  White paint and some distressing makes it so fresh!  These items were so easy to redo, and you've heard it before, they just don't make things like they used to!!  These pieces are so sturdy and heavy built with all wood materials, now they are ready for the next 50 years.

I just had to show these beautiful roses that my husband bought me for my birthday. I love him.

Well that's all for today.  I am trying to get to this blog more often. I need to stay home more!!!  See ya next time.