I have a passion for decorating, shopping flea markets, garage sales, and crafting. I have browsed and "creeped" many blogs and discover that I have something to share. So after weeks of trying to decide how to get a blog started I am finally here. I'm still learning about the technololgy part (not my strong suit)but I hope to post many pictures of my house before and after, my antique booth, and my ideas on decorating and crafting. I believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space and not break the budget to get it!! Looking forward to your feedback, talk to you soon.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Just to show how inexpensive things can be arranged to produce an awesome display.  I got all the dishes at garage sales, I always look for old books and plates!! Joe made the shelving unit out of old fence boards and I white washed it, so rustic. That "CAJUN" thing is the best.  It's made of rusted heavy metal, so cool.  I live in Texas but I'll always be a cajun girl. :)

Another display in my house. The little coffee pot belonged to Joe's grandparents, I wish that pot could talk, what stories ave been told over a cup of black community coffee!!  The other coffee pot was purchased at a flea market for a couple of dollars.  I made the sheet music bouquet. 

More metal and coffee pot.  The little tin box belonged to my Moma, she kept recipe's in it.  They are mostly all still in there, mostly recipes for canned pickels???  Weird I don't remember having alot of pickels growing up? Hmmm

My new obsession, old scales!!  I think that 5 is enough.  I think they have so much character and it reminds me of an old store. 

I went to an estate sale a few weeks ago and this is what I got.  It's becoming a problem.  Is there a 10 step program for a vintage bookaholic??  Well vintage anything I guess. Wow My Name is Gwen and I have a problem.  Ha Ha

I found this desk so beat up and ugly but I painted it and added cute cute knobs. I sold it only a day after putting for sale in my booth.  I probably should charge more??? 

Here is another desk with a similar story, paint and cute upholsterd chair can do wonders.

Joe's little sack covered rocker.  I like it so much. The sack is from over seas and still had coffee beans in it.  I'm still sweeping up little beans everywhere!!

My little desk "before" restoration.

Me and my sister Debbie at Southlake Town Center on Black Friday. 

Little Peyton with Frosty at Hurst Tree Lighting.  For some reason she loved Frosty. She followed that Snowman all night!!
These are a few of my favorite things, I have so many I could follow up with a dozen blog posts.  Maybe I will.  :)  Only 11 days till Christmas, everyone be safe, patient and kind when you're out in the malls!!  Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Christmas Time!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I did.  My sister was visiting from La. and all my kids were here, yay!! we ate, we watched football, we ate, we shopped, we ate...well you get the picture. I love Christmas and decorating is always my favorite thing anyway so at Christmas, I get so happy!!  This year since I am hanging around in Antique Malls, Christmas came early.  I had both my booths done the first week of November.  And Christmas Music has been playing since about that time too.  I know some people hate it when the radio switches to Christmas music but I love it!! 

Here is my booth at Mid Cities Antique Mall. 

This is my booth at Golightly's.  Very different vibe.  At Mid Cities I went with more red and vibrant, playful decor. Here I used white and neutrals and more toned down colors.  I keep changing my mind on which one I like best.  what about you? Also notice the "NOEL" I decoupaged wooden letters that I bought at Hobby Lobby 1/2 price. Anyone can do this! 

I love this little wooden rocking horse.  I painted it and added the Christmas Bow, I think it would look so cute under your tree!!  I also love love the white trunk!!

My Christmas tree at home.  As you can see Santa has NOT been shopping yet!! 

oh and here is a blurry picture of the little white spiral tree at Golightly's.  (you can see the spiral better) I bought this for Lindsey's room several years ago on sale after Christmas. She had it done up in bright pink and purple with jewels as garland.  Fancy!!!  I have never seen one like it then or since.  I love it and have had many people want to buy it. there is a big tag on it NFS!!

Details on my tree.  I used this awesome burlap ribbon that I found in Canton.  It is rustic and just what I wanted this year.  I also added everything else (kitchen sink???)  The paper flowers and the rafia add to the rustic theme.  I have a large collection of sequin ornaments and I was worried that "rustic" wouldn't work with all the shiney glitz.  But I decided it does and also goes with all my kids homemade ornaments too.  It's my tree, anything goes!!

Homemade last year!!  My Best girl and baby girl.

I hope you have fun decorating your lives for Christmas, it's the best time of the year.  I'm the first one to get carried away with all the hype so I remind you "Don't forget the Reason for the Season". 

See you next time. :)