I have a passion for decorating, shopping flea markets, garage sales, and crafting. I have browsed and "creeped" many blogs and discover that I have something to share. So after weeks of trying to decide how to get a blog started I am finally here. I'm still learning about the technololgy part (not my strong suit)but I hope to post many pictures of my house before and after, my antique booth, and my ideas on decorating and crafting. I believe everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space and not break the budget to get it!! Looking forward to your feedback, talk to you soon.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Time

It's Christmas time in Texas, that's right temps in the 70's.  Not putting me in the mood for sure.  They say it will get REALLY cold tonight and maybe snow on Monday.  I'm skeptical.  Whatever the weather, I always enjoy decorating for Christmas.  Here are a few pictures. 


Here is the top of my big tree.  I have seen this around and found an old ruler for $1 and decided to make it my STAR this year.  It goes well with the pattern paper flowers.

A full view of my tree.  I have so many ornaments and I can't throw any away but I did manage to only use about half of them this year.  I got tired!!

This cutie snow angel is a new favorite

I have the series of 3 of these "Cajun" plaques.  This one is a Cajun Prayer.  I also have Cajun Toast and What is a Cajun.  I know you cant read this but the gist is:

So Lord, what more can a Cajun ask
Than what I have today?
Bon sante, bons amis et ma famille
And le bon Dieu, who hears me pray?

You can take the girl out of cajun country but you can't take the cajun out of the girl!!

I have some new ornanaments!!

And of course the one's the kids made, most treasured.

Here is our collection of Nutcrackers!!  Lindsey gets one every year.  Sometimes I get one too. We have 27 now.

These twins were a craft project that Lindsey and I did.  We painted our own.  Can you tell which one is mine.  Lindsey was about 10 years old so not bad.

This big guy is from Holland and very old.  My sister Sandra gave it to Lindsey.  She used to live in England and got it on one of her trips through Europe. She passed away a couple of years ago and I treasure it.

My nativity.  I love the vintage pieces.  It reminds me of my grandmothers nativity scene, she didn't put up a Christmas tree but always had her nativity out for Christmas.

I always have a craft project going! This one is just cut squares of old yellowed sheet music.  Put a dowel in a clay pot and stack the squares.  So simple!!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!